Pain-Free Running Class

Did you know that 65-80% of runners get injured each year? It’s time to put an end to that.

The repetitive nature of running creates wear and tear on the body. For the past decade, Fast Track Sports Medicine & Performance Center has been helping runners get back on the road FAST.

Most runners either ignore the pain or believe there is no way to avoid pain while logging mile after mile. The truth is you CAN run without pain, and it doesn’t require medications, surgery or injections.

The 2 biggest keys to success are running/moving with better form & big-time strength. The Pain Free Running Program is a group class (max 10 people) that is designated specifically to help you run better, faster and stronger.

Mondays & Wednesdays: 11 am – 12 pm

The pain-free running program is perfect for:

  • Runners who want to run FASTER
  • Runners who are frustrated with chronic or repetitive injuries
  • Runners with annoying localized aches and pains
  • Runners who want to continue to be able to run for a lifetime
  • Runners who want to increase distance but are unable to without getting injured.